Product Supply Lab

Product Supply Lab is a leading distribution and agile manufacturing business focusing on production and distribution of cleaning & personal care products with an emphasis of focusing on the latest trending products and ingredients.

Faster, Cheaper, Better and American Made! We are a leading provider of American made products that are high quality, affordable and delivered quickly.

Founded by digital marketers with 20 years of experience in building trusted brands for retail, wholesale and online distribution we can help you decide what's right for your business.

Product Supply Lab works with a diverse client base including schools, corporate offices, hotels, spas and health clubs.

In the highly competitive industry of product suppliers, Product Supply Lab stands out from the rest by providing:

  • Innovative new products and services
  • Excellent customer service experience

From our efficient knowledgeable sales consultants, to our highly effective distribution team and friendly customer service specialists to our experienced executive team, every part of Product Supply Lab is working towards solving your business needs.

Your Partner for Private Label Products & Solutions

Product Supply Lab is a leading provider of american made cleaning and personal care amenities, supplies & private label products to schools, businesses, hotels, spas & health clubs All of our products are manufactured in a state-of-the art facility, certified by ISO 9001 / 10001 / 14001. Our products also meet the certification standards for UL / EcoLogo, and Safer Choice*.

With our agile manufacturing service you no longer need to have large production runs in order to keep your packaging costs low. Large runs aren’t always the most profitable solutions.

We understand your need to reduce upfront costs and have tailored our business to meet your needs.Year after year, our product lines continue to evolve to meet increasing demands and trends. Thanks to our customer feedback and requests, we’re able to consistently improve our formulations and create new products that help keep our customers stocked with the latest and greatest trending items.

We want our customers to feel good about using our products, so we continue to find new ways to make our products safer for the environment without compromising on quality. Taking care of our planet has never been more important, and we’ve never been more committed to the cause.

How we have Evolved

This year during the worldwide covid pandemic we started working with customers that needed hand sanitizer and PPE and a variety of other product supplies so we evolved from bottling and manufacturing business to adding to our services sourcing and distribution. When everyone around us was losing their jobs and stores were sold out of hand sanitizer, cleaners, toilet paper and PPE, we realized that we needed to start a company to fill those needs.

Products & Solutions


Boulder, CO Manufacturing facility is a cGMP certified facility that specializes in small to medium runs of innovative, clean, effective personal care products.  Our lab produces hand sanitizer cleansers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, cleaning products, providing consumers with natural, organic and quality products.

  • Quality products – Our quality control specialists work diligently with our manufacturing team to make sure that we offer our clients only the highest quality ingredients that are never tested on animals. 

  • Agile Manufacturing – At Product Supply Lab, we have the machines, products, and scheduling to fit your needs. Our factory has all of the machinery and components necessary to fill and package just about any cleaning or beauty product imaginable with time efficiency and excellent quality management. We can mix any recipe in house to save you time and money on your orders.  Our team works round the clock to get orders filled, packaged, labelled, and shipped. Our agile manufacturing process allows you to increase your speed to market.

  • Low MOQs – We want to help you to grow your business and we understand that it takes time to get things really rolling! We are committed to offering low minimum order quantities for white label products.

  • Speed  – With our ever-expanding warehouse and production team running round-the-clock shifts, there is no shortage of time and space to get your products from order to fulfillment. Our Denver, CO location makes it easier to ship products in and out quickly and efficiently. We understand that time is money and strive to be one of, if not the fastest manufacturers by keeping our factories continuously working to produce your brand until your entire order is completed and shipped.

  • Reliability  – We will always openly communicate with our clients about their orders, are always ready to listen to you about your specific needs, and work together with you to provide the best possible service for each particular request.  

  • Custom blends Product Supply Lab is excited to offer you the opportunity to create your own custom blends for private label products!  We understand that trends are always changing and dependable supply lines which enable us to assist our clients in creating custom products that are unique to their brand and ever changing market.

  • Exceptional customer service – Your sales representative will be personally available to you to discuss your orders and tackle any issues quickly and efficiently.  


We take quality seriously at Product Supply Lab. Everything we do is backed by science, and our team of chemists and engineers have an extensive history – from building machines to how our products work within your body. They’re also skilled with technology, allowing us to push our limits when it comes to innovation. Product Supply Lab will bring you the best products on the market – quickly.



At Product Supply Lab, we also believe in building trust with our clients and partners. You can count on our team to be clear, transparent, and honest every step of the way. You will be a part of the loop every step of the way. Knowing what’s happening from the beginning of your project all the way to the end.

When dealing with chemistry, there are bound to be some inconsistencies from batch to batch. Product Supply Lab understands this, and our team of scientists has decades of combined experience and knowledge, they will work hard to deliver the best product to you consistently.



We take the time upfront to get to know you and understand your specific product needs and goals. Our dedicated Business Development team will guide you through the process and ensure your project remains timeline-driven.

Some of the key information we will use to get started:

  • Formula benchmark(s) or products that inspire your project
  • List of ingredient restrictions and distribution channels
  • Guidance on anticipated packaging type and size
  • Price targets and anticipated volumes


  • R&D and Business Development collaborate to design the best product possible.
  • The R&D team will identify the most unique and innovative ingredient technologies available for your product needs.
  • You will receive your first round of samples within three (3) weeks.
  • A third-party panel will review all prototypes to ensure quality performance and compliance with all profile needs before your samples ship.
  • You will have full access to R&D throughout the process.
  • Preliminary pricing is developed based on in-process formulas.


  • Every product prototype is subject to an internal 30-day stability test.
  • After the formula is approved, long-term stability will commence.
  • All regulatory work is finalized simultaneously with long-term testing.
  • A 28-day enhanced Preservative Efficacy Testing (Micro Challenge Testing) will be initiated along with long-term testing.
  • Additional customized testing can be arranged and executed on your behalf:
  • HRIPT, Paraben, Ocular, In PKG Stability, Clinicals, Moisturization, etc. 


  • A scale-up plan is developed and executed by our team of process engineers to ensure first-run success.
  • Pricing is finalized post-pilot production.
  • The pilot run will be completed and results documented for future production runs.
  • Production is completed and products are shipped!